Pally’s Murkland

Hello!  Welcome to Pally’s Murkland. Murkland is a sim world created by a wonderful simmer, Brennachan. She designed it in a post-apocalyptic style and then created a challenge to go with it. You can read more about the rules and challenge on the Sims 4 forum here: Murkland: The Starter Challenge

There is also a Facebook page just for Murkland Salamanders to share their murky adventures.

Since I was more familiar with the way a forum worked I shared my story on a forum style site. You can find it here: Pally’s Forum

I thought it’d be nice to share direct links to each story part here so people can find it easier from this site. And then I can add to this list as I add more to my story.

Challenge 1: Murkland Memories

*My original plan was to give a day by day account of my sim’s life in Murkland but it became very repetitive so I then went week by week. In this first challenge I based the story off of events that happened to my sim and the other sims in the world.

Chapter 1: Day 1

Chapter 2: Days 2 & 3

Chapter 3: Days 4 & 5

Chapter 4: Days 6 & 7

Chapter 5: Week 2

Chapter 6: Week 3

Chapter 7: Week 4

Chapter 8: Week 5

Chapter 9: Week 6

Chapter 10: Week 7 

Chapter 11: Week 8

Chapter 12: Week 9

Chapter 13: Week 10

Chapter 14: Week 11

The Gym Side Challenge

Chapter 1: Gym Days

Chapter 2: More Gym Days

Chapter 3: More Smelly Days at the Gym

Chapter 4: Final Days at the Gym

The Library Side Challenge

One Nice Little Chapter


Challenge 2: Back to Murkland -Did NOT Pay the Bills Side-

*This challenge was a bit trickier for me to figure out since I left it with my sim and Sunshine wanting to start a life together. Well the rules to this one said my sim had to have a house full of kids each with a different dad, unless multiples occurred, so I had to get a bit creative with my story line. There is a host of other rules too. You can read about the challenge on the sims forum here: Murkland Challenge 2 Did NOT Pay Bills

Chapter 1: Change and Loss

Chapter 2: Cowplants and Kids-Part 1

Chapter 3: Cowplants and Kids-Part 2

Chapter 4: Cowplants and Kids -Part 3

Breaking into the CDC

Finding the Sun *Special Single Picture Edition*

Chapter 7: Fly Away Little Birdies

Chapter 8: Moonbeams and Sunbeams

Chapter 9: Life Between the Sun and the Moon

Chapter 10: Lighting up the Murky World

Chapter 11: Until We Meet Again


~The Other Side~

*The challenges done again with a male sim and this time I paid the bills. You can read the rules for that side of the challenge here: Paid the Bills – Vardo Side of Challenge 2 . This story was written as a journal that my male sim, Kian, is writing and he is talking to my other sim Pally. They will be doing Challenge 3 roughly at the same time. They are in the same world, same save in my game. You will see some of Pally sim in the pictures along with Sunshine and her kids.

From the Pages of Kian’s Journal: Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5- Gym Days

Chapter 6- Library Work

Chapter 7-The Dating Game

Chapter 8 (The Gift)

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14 (Final Entry)


**A Murky Backstory**

So many had done a little backstory of what they felt caused the apocalypse or what their sim’s life was like before the apocalypse took place and I thought it would be fun to do the same. I based it off of the characters that Brennachan has made for the world. I had my sim, Pally’s daughter Mendy, interview a few of them, as well as her mother, for a history book she was writing. It catches us up on things and answers a few questions about life in Murkland. It also sets us up for what may come in challenge 3.

A Murky Backstory: Intro

Interview with: Alma Bland

Interview with: Pally Style

Interview with: The First Family of Murkland

Interview with: Veegan the Freegan

Interview with: Mad Mud

Interview with: Dr. George Wonder