Back to Murkland Chapter One out now!

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What has Pally sim been up to since we last left Murkland? Find out now at my little forum: Change and Loss 

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Back to Murkland Coming Soon!

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Since the release of the 2nd Murkland Challenge I have been playing, when I get a chance, and continuing Pally sim’s adventures. You can find more about the challenge here:Post-Apocalyptic Murkland: The Starter Challenge
The continuation of the challenge depends on how you played the starter challenge.
Murkland Challenge 2: Paid The Bills
Murkland Challenge 2: Did NOT Pay The Bills
If your Sim dies during the challenge you can continue playing as a Zombie
Murkland Zombie Challenge

Big changes are headed her way. Will she ever get to make that big splash with Sunshine and swim off into the murky sunset or will someone have other plans for her?

I hope to start writing on this sometimes after the 18th. We are doing remodel work on our house and hopefully most of the big stuff will be done by then.

If you haven’t had the chance to read all of the finished parts, you can find them all here: Murkland Memories . I have the Gym and Library challenges done, and some of the characters from them will be playing a roll in the next story.

Thanks again for sharing this fun simming experience with me!


Murky Tale Continues

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Hey! Sorry I have not updated here in a while. I have finished Pally Sim’s murky adventure during the first challenge of Murkland. Now she is telling about her gym adventures. Thanks for taking the time to check them out!

Challenge 1 story

Gym Challenge

I’ll be posting 4 more parts to the gym story. Happy Simming!

Some of my Murky Builds

So I have been pretty obsessed with Brennachan’s Murkland Challenge and decided to turn all the worlds in the sims 4 into Murkland friendly ones. We are only allowed to visit Nukecrest, aka Newcrest, when playing the challenge, but I have been downloading other simmers murky sims and placing them in my game and they need murky homes!

Currently I am working on Willow Creek, aka as Radiator River, Widow’s Creek, and Goodbury Refuge by some. I thought I’d share a some pics of the lots I have made there so far. Now my idea for these was that sims had to build homes with tents and scraps of wood and stuff found after the simpocalypse.

Willows Creekside Camp

I used MOO a lot on this one and the curtains sink into the ground. Turning on MOO and raising them back up will fix it. 😉

Campalicious Camp

07-12-17_5-39-21 PM - Copy

No MOO used on this one.

Daisy’s Wilderness Living

This one uses MOO too, but I didn’t add any curtains. ;P

They can all be found in the sims 4 gallery under Pallystyle.

Happy Simming!

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I just finished a new chapter of my Murkland Memories Story over on my forum.

Week 5

Sorry if I get carried away with the text, I have always loved telling stories and writing.  Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy reading it.


Murkland Memories Update

I switched to a Forum to post my stories. It is easier for me to use since I am more familiar with the way they work. I am keeping this site so I can follow others and post updates and stuff. Thanks!

Link to new part:

Pally’s Murkland Memories: Days 2&3

2 (1)   I’ll never forget that first night in Murkland. The little tent was only slightly more uncomfortable than the government issued cots I had slept on back at the refugee base. I was also starting to feel the ‘murk‘ growing on my body now. The dried sweat and dust from dancing around the bonfire at the Burner camp clung to my skin and made me feel gross.

2 (2)   Luckily there was a piece of fruit cake left on the picnic table to distract me. I really loved fruit cake. I gobbled it up and it’s sweet trashy taste reminded me of all the friends I had made the day before. It gave me a refreshed feeling, knowing they had all made a life here, and I was determined to do the same.

2 (3)   After breakfast I decided to get a lay of the land around my camp. I found all kinds of collectibles to sell. One of my goals was to make 15,000 simoleons to help build the economy up in Murkland. I also had to use the money for bus rides and any food or other purchases at the little store in town.

2 (4)    I headed back to my camp to wait for the bus to the Hot Springs, it was Monday after all, and I couldn’t miss my chance to get clean. Monday, Wednesday and Friday were the only days to use water to bathe. On the way I met an older woman who said her name was, Precipice. She told me that when I got the chance I should visit Granite Falls. She had a distant cousin there who could give me some great secrets on how to make life here in Murkland a little more bearable.

2 (5)   When the bus arrived to take me to the Hot Springs, the driver said he could stop and pick up some friends, if I had any to invite along, so I invited everyone I had met the day before. I was hoping to get some more information about the woman in grey I had met. I discovered her name was Alma Bland, and that she lived in an old factory in Nukecrest with a couple of her former co-workers.

2 (6)   Unfortunately she wouldn’t answer much more. Even when everybody starting dancing and joking around. She just told a story from her past about the first dance she attended. We danced for quite some time, then Lavender started doing the ‘pee pee’ dance. “What do you call that dance move?” Jeep Girl teased her. She just frowned at her and headed off to the bushes.

2 (7)   We had a meal from one of the coolers the Mercantile Co. kept stocked. Alma shared another story from before the simpocalypse. Once again she avoided answering any of my questions. I had decided maybe there were things she didn’t want everybody to know. I was still dying to know how she knew me, but it would have to wait.

2 (8)  Soon I was back at my camp and getting ready to call it a night. I munched on my nightly trash fruit, thinking about the day. I had enjoyed dancing and getting to know my fellow Murklanders. I was still full of questions, but the fruit was making me sleepy so I headed to my tent and was soon fast asleep.

2 (9)   The next morning I woke to a surprise! My first trash plant had sprouted. Although, I wasn’t to impressed with the way it looked. It was rather scraggly and smelled really bad. It sort of made me sick at my stomach. I had to force down my breakfast of cold oatmeal from my cooler.

2 (10)     I gathered up my dirty dishes and started a pile for my next plant. After that I just felt gross. I had no desire to do anything so I walked down to the little stream  and lay on the ground watching the clouds. ‘Ooo, that one looks like a bar of  government issued soap! That one looks like a bottle of Shampoo! And there’s bubbles, nice clean refreshing bubbles!’ I guess you could tell where my mind was.

2 (11)   After I had calmed down some I went collecting again and then stopped by the Freegan camp, to get to know the rest of my neighbors there. Veegan was super pumped by my visit, he dropped down and started doing push ups. I couldn’t help but notice a couple of them sniffing the air. I guess I was a little murkier than I thought.

2 (12)    They said to make myself at home and that I was welcomed there anytime I wanted. While they were all chatting I tried to sneak into the bushes without anyone seeing me. I almost got away with it, but Sunshine’s sharp eyes caught me.

2 (13)  When I joined them again, he told me not to worry, “Our bush is your bush. You can use it anytime you need it.” “Thanks,” I replied, “and you guys can use my bush anytime you need it too.” I wasn’t to sure how we got off on this subject of sharing bushes. I was a little too nervous about my murky smell to be thinking straight. Forest Tree gave a strange look and Autumn started chuckling at us.

2 (14)   Somebody turned on the radio and we all started dancing. I was a little apprehensive about getting too far from the bushes. I was hoping they would mask my smell. They seemed to be used often enough. Sunshine stayed close to me, talking and dancing. He was a really sweet and friendly guy. I think he could tell I was nervous.

2 (15)   I could tell they all loved dancing, they had some great dance steps. Brennachan was in front of the radio showing off some killer moves. I remembered Pookey had wanted me to say hi for him, but I couldn’t seem to get away from Sunshine. He was saying one thing after another. He did tell some really great jokes, though.

2 (16)   I had so much fun chatting and dancing I barely noticed the sun beginning to set. I think we were both getting tired because Sunshine wasn’t saying as much and just kind of watching me dance. “You like, um, have some great moves there,” he said, making me blush slightly. “Uh, thanks,” I grinned. I was feeling more confident about my dancing.

2 (17)   We danced a bit longer and then I noticed everyone else had gone to bed. “Well, I should head back to camp,” I began, trying to hold back a yawn,“I had a really great time. Thanks for the dance!” “Yeah like, anytime,” he grinned sleepily. As I jogged off I could tell he was watching me. I guess he wanted to make sure I got home safe.

2 (18)  It was a fun day. I built some great friendships and worked on my dance moves. I was thinking of some of the crazy stuff Sunshine had told me when I took a bite of my trash fruit, and didn’t see the fly that was on it. ‘Blahh, oh well extra protein,’ I thought. I went to sleep looking forward to the next day.

Pally’s Murkland Memories: Day 1

1 (2)   I remember the bus ride being long, dusty and …well murky. I wasn’t sure what I had signed up for, but knew I was ready to help make a difference. There were few of us left after the Simpocalypse. Everyone had to do their part. I was sent to Murkland.

1 (3)  I arrived at my little camp and was excited. I walked across the street and sat on the bench so I could see the whole thing and take it all in. ‘You can do this!’ I told myself.

1 (4)    While daydreaming about my future here, a couple of Murklanders came walking down the sidewalk. A man who said to call him “Pookey”, and the mayor’s wife, Aeon Salamander.

1 (6)    They both sat down next to me and began telling me about Murkland and the neighboring little town of Nukecrest. Well, Pookey tried to talk but Aeon kept interrupting him. She wanted to make sure I knew all the rules and what I was supposed to be doing.

1 (7)    Finally she had said all she needed and left. Pookey said it was time for him to go too and that I should make sure and visit my neighbors, the Freegans. He said they were a great bunch of people. “Make sure and tell Brennachan I said hi.”, he grinned at me before heading away.

1 (10)    After he left I was greeted by a brightly dressed young lady who said her name was Lavender Pink, she was one of my neighbors from the Burner camp. She and a few others had come to welcome me to Murkland.

1 (11)  Back at my camp I was introduced to Jeep Girl, who brought some fruit cake, Veegan the Freegan and Sunshine the Freegan,(who was still walking down the sidewalk in this picture).

1 (12)   We had a great time chatting and getting to know each other. They asked why I signed up for Murkland and I just said, “I heard this is where the most friendly people are and if I am going to help rebuild the world, I want to do it with friends.”

1 (13)   They all smiled at me and then Jeep Girl told me, “Try the cake. It’s a Murkland family recipe.” I did and it was like taking a bite out of heaven! I couldn’t help but shovel the stuff into my mouth. I barely heard them talking about how it was made of trash fruit, along with a few other secret herbs.

1 (14)  “What kind of fruit did you say again?” I asked, sliding onto the bench across from Sunshine. “Trash!”, Jeep Girl laughed. Everyone laughed at the face I made. “Yeah, it’s like symbolic and stuff,” Sunshine began wiggling his fingers over the plate,“it’s like taking something nobody else would even think of touching and making something beautiful out of it.” That certainly was a optimistic way of looking at it.

1 (15)   Soon everyone said goodbye and that I was welcome to visit anytime I needed anything, so I started cleaning up. According to the info packet I was given on the bus ride here, I was supposed to use the leftovers and scraps to make trash piles. I guess the soil here was full of some sort of bacteria that could transform trash into plants. I was supposed to grow 16 perfect plants.

1 (16)  After I started my pile of trash at the back of my camp, I noticed a very plainly dressed woman walking down the side walk across the street. She looked sort of out of place so I ran over and introduced myself. She must of been lost in thought because I had to repeat myself. “I said, My name I Pally. I am the new recruit here in Murkland!”

1 (18)  Her eyes lit up when I said my name. “Oh, yes! I had heard you were the new girl here. I wanted to come and see for myself. So you found your way home…” she grinned at me. I couldn’t help but notice she spoke with a slight lisp. “What do you mean?” I asked, puzzled. “No time for that now,” she said,” you have plants to grow and friends to make. Come see me when you have been here for a while.” She just grinned again and walked away, back the way she had came.

1 (19)  I was confused. How was I supposed to visit her if I didn’t even know where she lived? I didn’t even know her name for that matter, she didn’t tell me. I tried not to think to much about it as I walked down the street to the Burner camp. I remembered I needed to eat trash fruit each day and wasn’t sure if the fruitcake counted. I was going to see if they had any to spare.

1 (20)  Lavender and Jeep Girl were out by their plants when I arrived and we were soon joined by their camp mate, Dusty Boots. She was a little tired from her day of rummaging. They told me that was one of the ways most people here made a living, scavenging and trading or selling what they found.

1 (21)   I complemented Lavender on their plants and then asked if I could have a couple of the fruits for my daily intake until I could get a plant going for myself. She said, “Sure thing! That’s what life is all about out her, helping and caring for each other.” She grinned and took in a deep breath. All I could smell was trash. How was I ever going to eat one of these things everyday?!

1 (22)  While I was using their, ‘toilet’, I over heard them asking each other if they thought I would be able to make it here. “I think she can!” Jeep Girl exclaimed, “she is not afraid to use the bushes and seems willing to eat the fruit. As long as she doesn’t mind getting a little…murky, she’ll do fine!”

1 (23)  They started up a bonfire and we all chatted and danced for a while. I was a little nervous about my dance moves at first. I felt like I hadn’t danced in..well, never I think this was the first time. They smiled and I did my best to copy their moves.

1 (24)

Before long I was ready to head back to my camp, so I said my good byes and jogged off into the murky dusk of evening. I had made some great friends so far and was really happy about that.

1 (25)  When I got back I took out the fruit I had picked from their plants and held it up to my face. It had that sick sweet smell, mixed with garbage. “Over the teeth and past the tongue, watch out stomach, here it comes,” I murmured before cramming as much as I could into my mouth.

1 (26)   ‘That wasn’t too bad,’ I thought. I sighed happily. I think I will be okay. ‘I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds….’ I pondered and headed off to my tent for a good night sleep.