The Fools: A Sims 4 Poem

9LcA3q6MHello welcome to my Sims 4 story blog. This entry is for the monthly Simlit story challenge/contest. It is in the form of a short story/poem. Thanks for reading and please check a few notes at the end.

The Fools


ac1I watch them every day.

The way they rush about,

How they scream and how they shout.

ac2I observe their greed in full display.

Their bellies they fill and stuff,

Their wallets never thick enough.

ac3I’ve seen them hand out their pay.

Always in a hurry to get the next big thing,

Thinking this happiness will bring.

ac4I notice their wasteful way.

How they throw away old dreams,

Turning desires into new schemes.


I discern the god they obey.

Material things become their lord,

As many things they start to hoard.

ac6I behold them as they say,

“Look at that old fool watching us!”

Turning their noses up in disgust.


I hold my head up high as I walk away.

Their words meaningless and will not break my cool,

Because at the end of the day, I know who truly plays the fool.



Thank you for reading my poem/short story. As I stated at the beginning, this was for a challenge/contest. There will be voting for a winner but to vote you must read the other entries so that you have a good idea of who deserves the top vote. Voting will take place after the contest is closed on the 30th of April. You do not have to vote, but I would be very honored if you chose to do so. I am sure the other contestants would be too. Thank you again and as always, Happy Simming!



Link to the contest on the Sims 4 forum:Β MONTHLY SIMLIT SHORT STORY CHALLENGE


24 Replies to “The Fools: A Sims 4 Poem”

  1. Heh – what a great character! He’s got a very distinctive voice. I love how happy he is with his life decisions and it’s clear he sees plenty who have made a wrong turn somewhere in life and ended up chasing happiness rather than being happy.

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  2. This was really lovely! What he said is so true. People nowadays are in such a hurry, and all they want is the latest and greatest. It’s such a throwaway society, and people are so keen to quickly move on to something else. I miss the days when life was a lot simpler.

    Liked by 1 person

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