Chapter 11 of Pally’s Murky Life is posted

01-06-18_9-57-47 AM

I posted the last chapter to my sims Murkland adventure.  I finished the second part to the challenge created by fellow simmer Brennachan. Such a fun place to play!

You can read it here: Until We Meet Again

Thank you again for following this I hope you had fun! ❤


Pally 🙂


5 Replies to “Chapter 11 of Pally’s Murky Life is posted”

    1. Hi, So I couldn’t really figure out this site. I am still trying to. That is why I used the other forum. It starts with Murkland memories. That was challenge 1. Then Back to Murkland was the second challenge. I am going to try and work on a page to link them in order. Thank you for reading!!<3

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      1. Oh and feel free to PM me on facebook if I can help with wordpress. Through much frustration I have figured out the basics. I am happy to share my not very expert expertise LOL

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